Brigitte Necklace

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Bridgitte is vivacious and bubbly, always late and always doing far too many things at once. Her knack for finding joy in pure chaos is completely infections.

Rue – symbolising clear vision & grace

The Botanique collection features a pattern inspired by the herb Rue. Forever inspired by the natural world I couldn’t resist the beautiful lace-like foliage as my inspiration. Rue represents two powerful meanings; clear vision – something each of us seeks as we navigate this crazy life we live;  and grace – the most powerful gift we can give others. To show love, forgiveness and kindness when it is least deserved. These are the moments we make a lasting impact on the world around us.

Size: 12mm and 24mm disks on 60cm chain
Material: solid sterling silver – nickel free
The handmade nature of this necklace means there will be variation in the pattern position and depth of the black oxide finish.
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