Elinor Necklace

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Elinor is sweet and lovely. Always kind to those around her and adored by her friends. She’s not one to have countless friends, but she will move the world for those she loves.

Rue – symbolising clear vision & grace

The Botanique collection features a pattern inspired by the herb Rue. Forever inspired by the natural world I couldn’t resist the beautiful lace-like foliage as my inspiration. Rue represents two powerful meanings; clear vision – something each of us seeks as we navigate this crazy life we live;  and grace – the most powerful gift we can give others. To show love, forgiveness and kindness when it is least deserved. These are the moments we make a lasting impact on the world around us.

Size: 12mm disk on 45cm chain
Material: solid sterling silver – nickel free
The handmade nature of this necklace means there will be variation in the pattern position and depth of the black oxide finish.
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