All of our pieces are made of solid 9ct gold or solid sterling silver.
We choose to not plate any of our jewellery to ensure it stays the way you bought it for years to come.
The good news is, if it’s looking a little tired or tarnished, it can be brought back to new again.

When caring for your jewellery there are three things to consider:
1. What your jewellery is exposed to whilst you wear it.
2. What residue stays on the jewellery for long periods (and should be cleaned off regularly)
3. How your jewellery is stored.


Solid sterling silver and solid golds can lose their shine and tarnish when exposed to harsh chemicals.
Perfumes and make-ups are the most common culprit for tarnishing jewellery. (Yes these are considered harsh chemicals!)
Here’s our tips to help your jewellery stay it’s best when you wear it.
• Spray perfume/apply makeup/sunscreen and allow it to dry before putting your jewellery on.
• Don’t wear your jewellery in the pool/spa/beach
• We generally recommend to avoid wearing in the shower as it can react to skincare/hair products.
• Chains/earrings can also easily be caught in the shower and lost down the drain.
• Dry underneath rings after washing your hands to avoid eczema reactions from the damp and soap.
• Remove jewellery during physical activities (running, gym, gardening, hiking, swimming, household chores, etc.)
• Be mindful of other acidic exposure as this will tarnish silver and gold very quickly. Things to avoid include: fruit juices/citrus, vinegars, mustard, chlorine and citrus cleaning products.
• Although rare, some individual body chemistries can react with sterling silver and cause tarnishing. Pregnancy, hormone levels, medications and more can affect body acidity, and may cause a reaction with your piece.
It’s definitely a wild-card and is based on the individual.

To keep your jewellery at its best we recommend regular cleaning at least once a month to prevent build up of residue that will speed up the tarnishing process.
• Firstly wash the piece in warm water with a mild dish soap and soft toothbrush. This will wash off any residue picked up from your skin and other chemicals.
• Completely dry your pieces by patting with a soft clean towel.
• Buff with a jewellery polishing cloth to remove any tarnish and bring it back to new.
• A little note on polishing cloths, they have a cleaning compound within the cloth which is responsible for the successful removal of the tarnish. This will run out over time so if your cloth doesn’t seem to be doing much, or is dirty from lots of use it is time for a new cloth. They cannot be washed as all the compound will be washed away.
• If significant tarnish has occurred or your piece has been exposed to very harsh chemicals it may need a little more TLC.
Please get in contact with us so we can help get it looking new again.

Jewellery left hanging or sitting in the open will tarnish rather quickly.
Our tips to avoid this happening are:
• Store your jewellery in the original box or a soft cotton bag, away from sunlight and extreme temperatures.
• Store pieces individually to avoid scratching and tangles.
• For longer storage if you are not wearing your piece everyday, store in a ziplock bag inside the original box.
• Clean your jewellery regularly, especially for longer storage or if you are not wearing it everyday.
• Tangled chains can be a nightmare!
Our top tips are…Always do up the clasp when you remove your chain.
To remove a knot in a chain, lay the chain down on a flat surface and tease the knot open using two pins or needles.